Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Step 1: #phonespockets

In October after presenting "Tips on Managing Feedback" with Erin Igo (@igomath) at the NCTM Regional in Atlantic City the time seemed right to start a Twitter SlowChat. We had picked a hashtag to use but I hadn't really done my homework -- turns out that initial hashtag was already in use.

Now having gone to three NCTM Regionals (Atlantic City, Minneapolis, Nashville) and two CMC conferences (Palm Springs and Asilomar) the time seems right to get the SlowChat rolling! Thanks to James Carr (@jjc578) for retweeting what Michael Fenton (@mjfenton) had tweeted on October 22. It was a great reminder that it's time to get things started.

Let's start the SlowChat just by actually doing this several times over the span of two weeks. Ideally, each person participating will get more and more comfortable with the idea of audio recording for (no more than) 10 minutes once a day AND finding time to privately listen to the recording.

NOTE: I think the experience of doing this alone at first is VERY important. I think of it as a similar idea of encouraging students to take ownership of their learning. You're not relying on someone else to help you listen to yourself. YOU are listening to yourself and YOU are allowing yourself into your classroom. 

Step 1: Record yourself and listen to the recording - do this several times or maybe even daily!

Step 2: If you have thoughts to share use #phonespockets to tweet about
  • logistics of managing to make 5-10 minute audio recordings 
  • what you're noticing and/or wondering as you listen to your recording and/or what you want to try the next time
Step 3: Once #phonespockets is more routine, we'll switch to using the more reflective #2vs4ratio [more on this in a couple of weeks]


  1. I'm game and thanks for the push/reminder Suzanne!

  2. Count me in too. Interested to see what I notice.

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    1. Robert, I tried to delete this duplicate but now it looks like I tried to censure you. Sorry about that! I guess duplicates just continue to be visible and in the future I'll just ignore them. :)

    2. Ha. That's interesting. Not sure how it posted twice.

  4. I'll do it when debriefing with my fellows that I'm coaching.

  5. Thanks for playing, Graham, Robert and Andrew! Today for fun I messed with the "blogger" settings to update the page. I kept hoping that my "regular" blog would be ready for this adventure but since it isn't I'll just make the best of the access Google supplies.

  6. Count me in too. I'll do it as I lead PD. Great idea!